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HIMSS Analytics Europe offers healthcare IT companies, consulting firms, and government agencies a unique variety of products and services designed to enhance their understanding of the European healthcare provider market. Please click on the following link to download a general and short description of our portfolio including our value propositions: HAE at a Glance For further information please review details on our products and services below:

HIMSS Analytics Europe Database

Gain exclusive online access to our highly accurate and searchable healthcare provider IT Database.

Constantly updated, the HIMSS Analytics Europe Database includes information from acute care facilities in 13 European countries such as their demographic and infrastructural details, an ever increasing share of information on installed systems, their suppliers, acquisition plans and market shares.


The web-based HIMSS Analytics Europe Database is a comprehensive goldmine of information that will help you build your client portfolio, improve customer service/relationship management, and effectively target your sales and marketing efforts.

The Database offers:

  • Modular license for 13 European countries
  • Demography data from 8.000+ European healthcare providers
  • Healthcare provider software and infrastructure portfolios
  • Market share data for over 60 software applications, vendors and technologies
  • Market segmentation and sizing statistics
  • Identification of healthcare providers with major capital building projects
  • Facility search function
  • Standard reporting function
  • Ad-Hoc report writer function

Database Demonstration:

To request a demonstration of the HIMSS Analytics Europe Database please send your inquiery to:



Primary Market Research

Let us help you spot industry trends, gain insight and identify opportunities.

Amongst a full range of primary market research capabilities, in Europe and abroad our portfolio comprises of - EU best practice awarded – eHC Analysis Reports, showing our world class experience in quantitative research.


Our best practise awarded primary market research products are based on continuous assessments of the IT installed base in European hospitals.

Each report delivers valuable insights and helps you answer highly relevant questions such as:

Customer Demography and Infrastructure

  • What are the main characteristics of the customer universe?
  • Is your portfolio geared towards a sufficient share of the universe?
  • Is the clinical information technology (IT) availability and support level sufficient for your portfolio?

Installed Base

  • How far is IT deployment advanced by application/software functionality?
  • Which segments offer the highest potential for rapid growth?
  • What is the competitive structure of the market?

Market Development

  • What market buying shifts are observable over the past three to five years?
  • What applications are on the rise?
  • How will the market evolve in terms of first time installations, replacements and upgrades?
  • What is the revenue potential?
  • What is the economic effect of the crisis/slowdown?

 Business development, partnership and acquisition planning

  • What sales and marketing resources shall I allocate?
  • Where is the market need and receptivity?
  • What are the market buying shifts over time?
  • What are the changes in the overall hospital universe?
  • What market progresses and alerts to market saturation are visible?
  • What are the opportunities to plan new releases?
  • What are the enhancements to impact the market for maximum uplift?
  • Historical market share and competitive picture: Where is the “sweet spot?”



Executive Consulting

Our consultants will work with your team to improve the way you approach the market and help you create winning product and positioning strategies that accomplish your goals.


Making informed business decisions quickly in today’s fast-paced healthcare IT market is critical to an organization’s ability to thrive and survive.

  • Improve targeting for your marketing and sales strategies based on a thorough understanding of the drivers within IT segments and markets.
  • Create accurate forecasts for your business, based on analysis of industry trends, IT spending levels and purchasing plans taken from the HIMSS Analytics Europe Database.
  • Increase penetration for your key target market segments more effectively by receiving an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, market perceptions and vendor market share.
  • Enhance the skills of your sales force, relative to selling in the industry, with focused training programs.

Materials and Samples:

HAE EMRAM Consulting